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The Iago Group is a business process improvement, training and organizational effectiveness consulting firm operating out of Portsmouth, NH. We specialize in using lean, six sigma, and instructional design methodologies.  Our work results in processes being improved by making process better, faster, cheaperů and sometimes more compliant. Past projects have been with Liberty Mutual, CVS and Aon consulting to improve IT supply chain, legal billing, and professional recruiting processes.
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For the last couple of decades, IT has helped business run
Now, IT needs to run like a business.

Iago’s IT Service Management utilizes our years of IT management experience to help IT run itself like a business.  By applying the techniques and methodologies that have been the standard of business operations for decades, your IT division can lean operations and prove ROI on par with other divisions in your company.

We can help you streamline your processes and excellence through:

Demand-Supply Rationalization: IT operations are not manufacturing operations, yet they are analogous. Iago can help you to understand an IT organization’s upstream supply chain and downstream customers, and “follow the dollars” to show where “inventory” is backing up, where waste can be eliminated, and where standardization can improve throughput and customer satisfaction.

IT Infrastructure Operations: Accepted frameworks, such as ITIL, can help an IT organization’s infrastructure group think more like a “hosting company,” and implement standard processes to manage incidents and problems, enterprise change, and service-level agreements, and more.

Software Application Development: The Iago Group is experienced in improving and codifying the relationship between customer requirements, software development, testing, release, and end-of-life.  Done well, customer expectations will be met, releases are a flick of the switch, and quality in production matches that in test.

Quality: The Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) can reduce a company’s margin.  Using methodologies such as CMMI, defects can be found early and often, increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing waste and rework.

Project Management: The Iago Group recognizes that project management is overhead to a project, yet a necessary and valuable investment.  Good project management enables people complete what is required and on time. Additionally, it incorporates systems, such as stage gates, that quickly escalates issues and identifies a plan for managing areas of risk.

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